Engineer Scoggin

  • Name: Vic Scoggin
  • Position: Engineer/Firefighter
  • Member Since: Feb 23, 2006
  • Training/Certifications:
    • Fire Service
      • Firefighter 1 certified - Tennessee Commission on Firefighting
    • Medical
      • Healthcare Provider CPR & AED Certified - American Heart Association
    • Other
      • Tennessee Association of Rescue Squads certified in Extrication

Fun Fact: Engineer Scoggin is an active environmentalist.  The Cumberland River is 696 miles in length.  In 1996 Vic swam the entire length to bring awareness to the pollution in the Cumberland.  Engineer Scoggin is also known as Captain Scoggin as he holds licensing from the U.S. Coast Guard and owns an 80 foot U.S. Navy yard patrol craft called the Eastern Surveyor.  The Eastern Surveyor can be chartered by research groups.  You can learn more about his adventures here.

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